Friday, February 24, 2012

the wipey board of awesome ..

In our town, when the world is a frozen Hell winter comes - it gets super quiet.
so, this time of year, the stuff is pretty 'hit or miss' at the thrift stores.
luckily, this winter I've found lots of 'treasures.'
(that very word conjures a mental image of Hoarders *shudders* I promise to try not to use it again)
... moving on ...

when I picked up this serving tray, to look at it 
our 8 year old giggled as she said to us
"ooooohh he can bring you breakfast in bed, Mom!"
then ran off laughing at her announcement
LoL .. she's awesome.

I wanted to turn it into a 'dry erase drawing tray' for the aforementioned goofy girl.

But at $4 .. this is a spendy thrift for me.

I actually had to rethink it .. twice
lol  *shrug*

I got home and  it sat for a week got started
I removed the wood sides of the tray, then spray painted them

while waiting impatiently for the paint to dry, I got to play with something new ..

side note*  the teenager saves cute things .. just in case
(not sure where she picked up that habit.. ..)
so - she's saved pockets from ripped levi's .. and she shared them with me !
... she is also awesome.

I taped and papered off the surface of the tray.  

Then, sprayed adhesive to the 'naked spot' on the tray and to the inside ''buttside'' of the pocket.  

I placed wax paper inside the pocket, so it wouldn't adhere to itself, on the inside.   
Not only because I HATE faux pockets (even though I LOVE saying faux) 
but also because this pocket has a specific purpose ..  to hold stuff - duh!

I found highly technical tools for pressing the pocket down

I spent the suggested 2hr dry time on pinterest  blogstalking  pacing waiting .. like a boss.

I put it all back together, embellished the pocket and moved onto the best part
... revealing the project I've been working on all night AND telling her that it's for her ..

it shall forever, from here forth be known as : the wipey board of awesome. :)

we also 'tied' on a hankerchief, so she'd have a permanent 'wipey wiper' 

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