I'm Danielle - welcome to my blog.

In no particular order ..  
I'm a wife
craft junkee
a procrastinator
a shopaholic

and a professional hustler of coffee, smiles, & pancakes.

I'm absolutely, 100% convinced that the reason I was put onto this Earth was to be with my amazing husband and raise our kick-ass girls

     These three people are my everything and I love them more than anything.  

We love hiking, being in the mountains, bikerides, walks at sunset, Wii bowling tournaments, family game night, and pretty much all things Star Wars.

After all the work stuff, school stuff, mom stuff, and trying to get some of that sleep stuff - I like to try and create cute stuff with my chubby little hands.

In my mid 30's our 'home sweet home' is a tiny desert town in the middle of nowhere, Utah.  I consider myself blessed to live inside this postcard known as Moab.

I love thrift store treasure hunting, 'prettying' stuff, laughing at stupid stuff, family time, making food that's probably not good for me and pretending I'm a photographer.

As long as I can remember, I've loved to journal our lives.  It started with old sticky photo albums then moved to a  huge collection of home movies, morphed into a mile-high-pile of scrapbooks, and now I'm bloggin' along.

I also figured that if when I turn old and senile - I'll be able to look back to remember stuff & stuff.  It's really an investment into my future sanity .... WIN WIN!

welcome to my little corner of the internet to rant about my thoughts on life stuff, my favorite people, crafty stuff, food stuff, mom stuff and all the stuff in between.    

-- Danielle --


  1. I am a creeper and I am creeping around your blog. Hahahah

  2. haha - you're my FAVORITE creeper though AMY!! <3


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