Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Star Wars subway art

In between all the crafts, nails, fashion, and culinary goodies, I have a not-so-secret Pinterest obsession with subway art. I've always wanted to create my own for holidays and family members, etc. But, I could never conquer the feat in Paintshop.

Then tonight, I stumbled upon this great tutorial for making your own subway art using Picnik - a free online photo editor.

I'd never used this picnik before, so I decided to visit the link and see what it was all about. I need simple ... so I was reluctant to believe it would be as easy as the website said.

LoL - I was delightfully proven wrong; it's super-duper easy-peasy.

I also found out that all the features on Picnik are free until April 19, 2012.
I had to make one

When deciding on what theme to go with, the first thing that popped into my brain was Star Wars .. LOL - don't judge me .. I blame G. :)

so here it is - it's a little chaotic, but so am I :)
it's also a little more cluttered than the ones I've seen .. but it's 100% mine & I like it.

click the link below the picture for the full size version of the picture ..
also you can  follow the picnik link and make your own ..
I like sharing - so feel free to come back and share with us !!
... may the force be with you :)

full size printable version - Star Wars Subway Art

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