Thursday, January 12, 2012

double frown .. double hug

In general, I'm a shiny happy person.  :)
I love to laugh, make fun out of boring situations, and be a goofball at all times.
That's why it felt so foreign to find myself in a severe state of frown several times, today.

my bestest four legged friend of 5 months - senor Nugget - had to spend the night at the vet because he was having his nuggets removed. :(  we haven't spent a night without him, since he came barreling into our lives! >_<

I also have an old friend that I keep up with through facebook.  This morning he announced his pregnant girlfriend went secretly to sign papers & the baby is to be placed for adoption. He's devastated, as expected.

Then there's my good friend, who I've worked with for a couple years. She lives just down the street and our kids have all been friends for years.  She lost custody of both her 14 yr old son and 16 yr old daughter.   I feel crushed for them, all.

I have been through a lot in life.
And by a lot, I mean 87% of all things you could possibly imagine .. I've had to deal with.

I can't imagine not having my girls with me.
so, tonight - I gave them 2 hugs & 2 kisses & told them twice I love them to the moon and back

I wish I could mend my friends' broken hearts .. I can't imagine the desperation they're feeling right now.

lighting a candle, sending prayers, and happy thoughts.
if someone reads this .. I hope you do the same; send prayers and double hug your loved ones.


  1. We realize our blessing best when we see the troubles of others. As for your male friend, she can not give the baby up without his permission. I have a lot to say about that but it's not my place so I will keep quiet ( and trust me that ain't easy :))
    Hope you have little Nugget back (hmmm since he lost his maybe a new name? ...ohhhh sorry I could't help myself there.
    Will pray for all your friends that the right thing will be done and their heartaches eased.

  2. I love your use of "once loved" items for materials!!

  3. "Some times there are clouds in the sky , but when they float past it reminds us all the sun is out to shine : ) Hope it shines on you soon shiny happy Danielle : ) xO"


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