Thursday, January 19, 2012

Now that I love love ...

is that even grammatically correct ?
LoL - regardless .. we're gonna run with it :)

Now that I love love ... I embrace the lovin' love.
the awesome art in this post is NOT MY WORK. I linked to the artist who provided us with the awesome
freebie art, when possible - so please visit the different sites to show your appreciation :) tyvm !

Long before the days of diapers, date night and carpools; I didn't like Valentine's day or anything the dreaded day stood for. Every 14th of February, I would loudly moan & groan about protest the red day of hearts, cupid and all things sweet.

That was until I saw the proverbial light in the form of the one true love who rocks my lifetime.
The kind, brilliant man that I'm lucky enough to know as my G.
Now, over a decade later I am the hopeless case you see before you.
I love love.
.. love of life .. love of family .. love of sunshine .. love of kindness .. love .. old love .. love for all things, beautiful or damaged ..
I think you get it ..

G. and I were out thrift shopping, when they just happened to be placing out their Valentine's knick knacks, garlands, and countless paper heart decorations.

Imagine the horror on my face when I realized I didn't have decorations for Valentine's day. :P The extent of our collection was a few window vinyl clings and a handful of trinkets the girls made through the years.

I looked around the shelves at the newly displayed items and I knew the decorations they had to choose from, weren't going to do.

After several cups of coffee minutes of contemplation, I decided that framed printable little 'word art' would be the easiest to conquer. Print some word/subway art, put it into cool picture frames, fit to fit the seasons holidays & voila - we are festive ! <3

I will be eventually making some of my own printable art .. but for now - here's what I found through a bunch of pins, blogs, google, and begging random strangers on the street. (ok, so one of those isn't true ..)

please be sure to visit the host sites and show a little love to the actual graphic makers, I merely grabbed a bunch and compiled them into a list.

onto the prints ...

mine first -- I <3 you !  


available in three colors

CLICK READ MORE for the rest of the printables !! 

by far the best collection .. ty so much to the lovely folks @

get both of these prints @

five adorable prints @

I love this one that came out, right after making this post ... so I'm putting it in, too :)

LOL and one for those who aren't so happy about the lovely day of love ..

If your work is featured here and I don't have a proper link, PLEASE let me know!! I definitely want to give credit where credit is due, for the awesome freebies given to us :) thanks ! - Danielle -

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