Monday, February 20, 2012

rawr means I love you ...

I saw my nieces this weekend and I can't believe how much they've grown since we've seen them last.
The 13 and the 15 yr old have both joined the club of people who are taller than me.
I wish that club was a little more exclusive.. :P

I can't believe how emotional it made me, to watch all the girls playing together. 
5 giggles ..
5 laughs ..
5 unique personalities ..
5 amazing girls.  (a 6 yr old, an 8 yr old, one 13 yr old, and 2 fifteen year olds)

I couldn't stop smiling every time I saw them dancin' around, goofin' off, and playing games that only cousins would appreciate.
I wish they would stay this young forever .. sorta. :P

with all I have, I wish I could convince my 'city-slicker' sister to move to the country ..
maybe some day ... some day .. *insert dreamy nostalgic look, here*

my point .. I love my family and in turn I made some more lovey-dovey prints !
Happy President's day !! :) 

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