Thursday, February 16, 2012

our house .. finished.

I realized today, that I nicknamed my project wrong
The wordart I made didn't list our houses - it listed our streets
so, instead of 'our house' .. I guess technically it should be our street

but .. a catchy song doesn't exist that's titled - 'our street' ...
'our street' didn't blare through the half-blown speakers of my mom's green pinto
so ... pfft .. my mistake and the title OUR HOUSE stays ! :)

onto the (very simple) craft ..
  • awesome husband goes out in the cold & paints frame
  • cut/fit fabric to fit - plus cardboard; if your $1 thriftstore frame has no glass or back :P
  • modpodge fabric onto cardboard
  • secure backsides
  • modpodge word art - not sure why I did this IN the frame .. I don't suggest.
  • smooth paper onto the fabric, removing bubbles
  • embellish with random decorations/buttons/scrapbooking stuff
  • pace through the living room wait patiently for it to dry
  • done
This poor fabric-podged frame may or may not have sat in a pile for over a month; because the original project for the fabric canvas was re-assigned to another frame.


  1. I love this frame.. Cute idea!
    Is your blog is transition?.. It opens as

  2. thank you! :)
    It's not in transition, I just chose not to HIDE the 'redirect' to the domain name.
    I can't code .. so I'm not sure where to even begin without a blogspot blog layout lol
    love your site, btw !


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