Monday, February 13, 2012

funny kisses ..

'a life without laughter is a life wasted.'
I refuse to waste this life!
on top of being sweet, charming, and crazy-good at trivia .. Gary is hilarious.
when making valentines for friends - the teen found a 'giant tag' Hershey's kiss
Gary said something that I found ridiculously funny ..
the teen said something ELSE that was crazy funny ..
I felt I should share their funny with the world
I shot a picture
and I made this.
I love my funny family!
happy Valentine's day y'all

p.s. I <3 my awesome hand-welded steel nameplate that my amazing friend, Alex made for our entire family.  They're so cool .. my family .. the nameplates .. and my friend for making them. <3 :)

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