Thursday, February 9, 2012

'technology takes over ...'

the reality of this post is that it exists because as soon as I saw the image below it spoke volumes, to me as a wife, mom and child of this technology craved society.

It's excruciating for me to admit; but a handful of years ago, I had a point in life where I couldn't get enough time on the glowing interwebs box.
video games, apps, social media, online worlds, forums about anything & everything, etc.

I ignored a few things that should've been very important to me; I let relationships fade, friends calls go unanswered and my ass got way too big; all because of a box of wires, a motherboard and graphics card.

I can happily say that's a shadow of who I am, today.

I still love my facebook and computer stuff, but in small intervals. (stares at blog, pointing out the obvious)

I prefer my addictions of a crafty, outdoor, social, and familial nature, these days. ;)

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