Saturday, February 4, 2012

winter is a four letter word ...

I reserve the word hate for a select few things.
winter is high on my list of stuff that's H bomb worthy.
it's cold .. it's gloomy .. your fingers are frozen .. your nose is runny
winter is just plain gross
'waaaayyyy too cold' North Dakota was home for years.  I've seen enough blizzards, six foot snow drifts and forty below zero to last me and my kids a lifetime
.. my point .. 
these days - we avoid winter at ALL COSTS

we're so dead serious about that - we moved to the desert.
lol .. that's us - we're hardcore. *flex*

our friends in Denver & Salt Lake have been getting inches on top of inches of snow
... our condolences ... 

the sunshine spent all morning beating against the red rocks
we went at noon ant it was still radiating warmth

In the sunshine, it peaked in the mid 60's FEBRUARY !! :)
it was SOOOO gorgeous, I almost felt guilty .. 
pfftt .. I kid I kid.
no guilt here .. just pure sunshine appreciation.

the four legged friends agree .. sunshine <3

when we started it was a little 'brisk' and we all kept our jackets on ...

but within 20 minutes, the jackets were off

 ^ aww our girls !! they look so tiny ... ^
.. and then ..
this was my favorite picture of the day ... I love it and both these guys :)

and this was the 'peak' of our hike a.k.a. the 'turn around' point.
this is usually where we go 'ah shit, we still have to hike back!'
LoL .. ahh well.
It's not the destination, it's the journey.

I wonder what other families do, to cure the winter blues.
I hope ours always includes 60 degree sunshine ... :)

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  1. Cute pups! One more vote for sunshine!

    Lindsey Turner


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