Thursday, February 2, 2012

sorry about your genes ..

"I'm pretty much the shortest of all my friends." was the matter-of-fact statement of the night from our 8 yr old.  The teenager decided to choose that moment to chime in about how she was also shorter than most of her friends.

' .. sorry about your genes.' was my reply through my laughter. 

Outside of some newsworthy miracle growth spurts in our old age; chances are - G. and I will never be a 'tall people.'

*shrug*   what's the big deal about height, anyway ? 

Nugget is short .. but he's hugely awesome.


 Bamboo is small and thin .. but can be really loud and quite painful when used as a ninja weapon.


the creek in our (small) town is small, but we love it like that

 this rotting deer bone, which had already been half chewed and drug all over the creek by an animal was small; but clearly packed a huge wallop of the "ewwwww! gross!" factor.

 Nugget wasn't about to let his being small let his tennis ball get away

 nor was he going to let it stop him from carrying a stick as long as he was tall.

these contrails are small in comparison to the desert sky; but holy crap - what an impact.

perspective <3

these goatheads are tiny .. but the *#@&$*#&$'s are seemingly huge when they violate that spot between your pinky and ring toe.

my favorite 'not the tallest of their friends' people
I'm not sure there was ever a point to this post .. but if I were to determine one now; it would be that small things can pack quite the punch and are just as awesome as any thing that's tall, massive, and not itty-bitty.

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