Thursday, February 9, 2012

beyond measure ..

I find myself in the midst of a Valentine's day craft that has, thus far; been successfully kept a secret.  *yay me!*
So, of course I find myself in an extra super duper lovey dovey mood.

my point .. 
I just made these and HAD to share :)

I hope everyone finds themselves happily engaged in some sorta Valentine's day craftiness .. or some anti-cupid mischief - whatever flips your pancake!

click the picture and it'll take you to the link for the full printable version ..

I made this one to place onto the husband's night stand or hang over his side of the bed - to see it every morning.    I don't tell him enough; but I want him to know that if I had to choose - I would totally pick him again .. no question; no doubt; definitely 100%.

and for this next one, I plan on 'repurposing' some old rulers into a 'square foot' frame (lol) to hang this near the girls' "how tall am I, now?" wall.

as always, I'd love you to say Hi!  Also any feedback or sharing your own picnik creations is highly encouraged. ..  until next time - Danielle -

please include a linkback to my site if you include me in some sort of 'free print round-up' -- ty :)

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