Monday, October 1, 2012

instahooked ...

a few years ago when people started 'twittering' ... I ignored it for 2 main reasons
  • I find the word 'tweet' annoying & deem it to be pretty much the dumbest word in the history of ever.
  • If I want to know when you're taking out the trash, balancing your checkbook and going to the bathroom, I'll look at your hourly Facebook status updates.
regardless of the judgment first passed upon the tweeterverse - I decided to check out this 'twitter' when I got my new phone.  I can't believe that this has taken over social media.  I'll put it politely ...   I'm enraged about the 6 minutes of my life that I'LL NEVER GET BACK ... :( 

after deleting the crap app (another 30 seconds I can't have back .. ) I stumbled onto instagram.   This was another trendy app at the same time as twooter, but it was only available to hipsters with i-phones and starbucks coffee.

I remember being envious of this app before, as written here.  So, needless to say I was actually kinda stoked to see I could get it on my new android.  I may or may not have pulled over a few times on the way home from taking the kids to school ... snapping pictures in the morning sun with the sole intent of 'instagramming' them. :)

I have to admit though .. I like the program I wrote about here - MUCH better.  It has a TON more choices and cool effects.
But instagram is pretty cool to snap a little 'nugget' on your phone, to go.  ;) 

our 'happy little nugget'

freddy kruger pumpkin found @ IHOP Mesa Mall - Grand Junction, CO

Moab morning sun on the mountains
He loves stuffed animals and freshly cut grass <3