Thursday, September 27, 2012

it could always be worse .... scary

I don't want to call Forrest Gump's mama a liar, so let's just say she was confused
life is NOT at all like a box of chocolates

unless she meant life would leave me feeling bitten in 1/2, chewed up & spit out 
if that was her intention - she was spot on.

More times than I can count, we'll be plugging along one day, just fine and WHAM!
something scary or painful or both comes along and stinks up our happy place.

where I come from, our chocolate doesn't kick you in the face

as hard as it may be, I keep remembering .. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

21 is the number ...

quitting smoking can suck it.
lol, I say that because I may or may not have had a few cigarettes since my last post.

I have a stupid high amount of stress going on in my life, right now and don't have time for your judgment, dammit! >_<

21 was the date in September as well as the number of days I made it before I started stopping quitting smoking ....

LOL ? what ? :P

.. I've had a handful of cigarettes in a week - I don't feel all too bad after 21 years of several cigarettes a day.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

chocolate cake and orbit gum ...

On the 31st of August I turned 35.
I had the realization I've been smoking cigarettes on & off for 20+ years

So, in my new mature 'old age' - I decided to quit
... just QUIT all together.

No patches, nicorette gums or acupuncture .. I just stopped.

The first few days I had leftover birthday cake to sustain me through tough times
these days, it's a lot of orbit's curiously strong 'pure' gum

It's been 19 days and I don't want to kill anyone .. yet.

here's to another 19 ... :)

... ps - I have a small pack of nicorette hiding in my bedroom in case I have a meltdown.