Friday, February 3, 2012

more word art ... I cant stop!

I can pretend that the April 19th closing date for free picnik is the reason for my obsession with making tons of  these printable word art things .. but I won't.

I just adore them .. hanging all over my house in their cute little frames, making people stop for a second to read it; then they smile. it's fabulous.

I can swap around with festive holiday word art, birthday word art, cheer you up on a frowny day word art .. omg I just love the endless possibilities !!

pictures that basically say 'I think the people in this house are awesome and everyone should know it.'
... it's fabulous.

so, here ya go ..
click the image & you'll go to the original file to save from there.  :)

say hi and / or leave your own creations, if you'd like to share, too !

please link back if you include my creations in some sort of '' free prints roundup'' -- thanks!

added feb 16 .. I forgot this one -


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