Friday, February 10, 2012

T minus 4 days ...

you might not know this, but it's hard for me to keep secrets.
wait - back up. 
I sound like I blab everyone's business.
I can keep important, personal secrets .. but I don't do well with happy secrets!
call me crazy, I just don't like to keep things from people that'll make them smile.    So, of course,  we rarely reach birthdays/Christmas morning without opening a handful of early presents to 'get us by.'

point of that random factoid ? 
After 3 days crafting in secret - I've still managed to keep my Valentine's day craft a secret - yay ! 
only four days to go ..

point of this blog post ? 
in between sessions of waiting for paint and mod podge to dry - I made a few prints and I wanted to share .. some lovey dovey - some .. not so much. :)

until next time ... happy 4 days til valentine's day, day ! :)
would love for you to say hi, leave a message, link back, and/or even share your own picnik creations ..

hanging in the hallway by our front door - super cute <3

 it really is .. don't deny it !
click here for printable size

they do ... they never judge when you fart!

 who doesn't love naps ?

(6 more prints on next page)

it's always a good day to have a good day 
one red, one blue

thinking happy thoughts leads to smiles
smiles lead to laughs .. laughs lead to a good life.
so, definitely think happy thoughts. :)
click here for printable size

three 'enjoy the little things' prints  .. winter, summer, and fall     

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  1. I've just visited your blog and I like this post :')
    Simply amazing~


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