Monday, March 19, 2012


for the last week, way more sentences have started out with -
"this time next week .. we'll be ___ far from the ocean."
than I should admit

I can't wait to smell the salt in the air and watch our girls play in the sand

here we commmmeeeeeee."

Saturday, March 17, 2012

dumb dog bite .. day 5

I told my dad I'd post pictures of the dumb dog bite I received Monday, here.

backstory of the dog bite - made kinda sorta shortish : I was 70 feet away from my front door with Nugget - unleashed; despite my better halfs' better judgment, when a neighbor's dog ran around the corner (also unleashed) and Nugget ran towards him - tail wagging.  The other dog barked aggressively at Nugget's face, kinda biting at him.

Nugget tail tucked immediately between his legs and he ran towards me; to hide behind my legs.

That DUMB DOG kept running at me, despite my hollering like a mad woman "NOO! GET BACK!" .. like he didn't speak English or something .. wth ?   where's that dog whisperer guy when you really need him ?   My "I'm the alpha pack leader!" attitude and stance did NOT work .. :/

I guess because I stood in the way of him biting Nugget's face off - he settled for biting my forearm and shoulder, instead.  We went to the ER, I'm on anti-biotics and the dog has been 'quarantined.'

On a happy note .. 2 days until vacation .. :) <3

Thursday, March 8, 2012

live a colorful life ...

the time has come and we've started to book our hotel rooms
we're for sure going on vacaaaaattttiiiooon !

it sounds weird to say type that
it'll be our very first vacation - in over a decade
we've gone on road trips here and there
a couple of 2 day outtings
camping in the mountains, etc.
... but nothing over 500 miles
we're pretty local folk

I like it that way ;)

anyway .. I'm excited and I made this printable in honor of today.
Today, being the first day of the rest of our lives.
Lives where we will be able to start a story 'when we were on vacation.'

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

it's here .. it's here !!

You'd be hard pressed to find a day where I splurge on something specifically for me.  correction    "...where I splurge on something new and/or expensive specifically for me."

we'd researched extensively and had our hearts set on getting me a Canon T1I before we go on vacation, this year. It was really exciting for me, because my nicest camera to date was a Kodak Easy Share.  $89 on it's most expensive day. 

I was on the phone with my dad,  who has always shared & encouraged my love of photography.  I informed him about my exciting purchase plan, when he said 'you might want to reconsider.' 

I thought maybe he'd heard bad things about the Canon or had some advice to offer; when he dropped a bomb on me.   

During my parents' visit next month - apparently he'd been planning on giving me his Nikon d40x AND three kick-ass lenses.  oh. my. gosh.   
words just cannot explain my level of gratitude and excitement!

after running around like a kid, screaming with joy ruining the surprise of actually 'giving' it to me .. he sent it all to me, the next day.

It arrived after a mix-up with the Post Office.  By mix-up .. I mean I heard FedEx when he said post office .. then freaked out for 2 hours when FedEx couldn't find the tracking number.   what ?  .. they sound similar.  fed ex .. post office. fed ex .. post office. 

He also sent all his books, guides, and instruction manuals.  It's going to take me at least a year to get through the basics of the camera.         

after realizing how much would be involved with this camera - I made the very adult decision to put off the purchase of my silhouette, until I've got this baby down.   

*pats self on back*

anyway .. onto the point of the post - these are my favorite pictures (of the 243) from day 1

the last, lone survivor of the fishies we adopted in 2008
'one of four'

cutest. dog. ever.

I can't take enough pictures of our foliage 

don't you love how his tongue is the same angle as his neckerchief

how everyone will be seeing my face for some time to come ... smile !

our four-legged baby .. so sleepy

I love the moon coming out while the sun's up

this is her 'take the picture & hurry up' smile

"deer tracks mom, you HAVE to get a picture with your new camera!"

I love random shots like this .. au natural

lol the teen doesn't like 'au natural' .. she 'ducks n runs' or smiles big :P

and this  last picture isn't really a nice picture lol
it's just to compare the size of the 'big' lens to a giant wendy's drink .. that's all.

I love my new camera .. <3