Saturday, March 17, 2012

dumb dog bite .. day 5

I told my dad I'd post pictures of the dumb dog bite I received Monday, here.

backstory of the dog bite - made kinda sorta shortish : I was 70 feet away from my front door with Nugget - unleashed; despite my better halfs' better judgment, when a neighbor's dog ran around the corner (also unleashed) and Nugget ran towards him - tail wagging.  The other dog barked aggressively at Nugget's face, kinda biting at him.

Nugget tail tucked immediately between his legs and he ran towards me; to hide behind my legs.

That DUMB DOG kept running at me, despite my hollering like a mad woman "NOO! GET BACK!" .. like he didn't speak English or something .. wth ?   where's that dog whisperer guy when you really need him ?   My "I'm the alpha pack leader!" attitude and stance did NOT work .. :/

I guess because I stood in the way of him biting Nugget's face off - he settled for biting my forearm and shoulder, instead.  We went to the ER, I'm on anti-biotics and the dog has been 'quarantined.'

On a happy note .. 2 days until vacation .. :) <3

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