Tuesday, March 26, 2013


what is LOVE ... ?

Blurting out or even just typing those three words makes me mentally replay the really bad song and even worse bar scene from Saturday Night Live.

Well, isn't that just GREAT!
Now, instead of being outraged as I write about this highly controversial subject; I sit bouncing my head left to right like a jackass - trying to rid my brain from visions of side humping.

Thanks A LOT, Haddaway and early 90's !
/end sidetrack
let's get back to being outraged! *furrows her brow & stills her bouncing head*

We've landed on the moon, perfected microwave technology and split the atom .. but still find ourselves having to ask the world if it's ok to marry the person we love, in the year 2013.

Something is VERY wrong with this picture.

Whether at work, in daily life or on my blog - I don't like to openly discuss highly sensitive subjects. As a rule, I avoid discussing religion or politics because those conversations start wars and people die. I figure it's best for me to avoid the subjects, altogether; I can't be responsible for more people dying!  (I make jokes at tense situations .. my bad!)

However, marriage equality is a subject that touches a sensitive spot.   In my family, alone - we have an amazing Uncle, a brilliant cousin and a phenomenal nephew who are gay.  Not to mention several friends and coworkers that fly their rainbow flags - very high and very proud.

How is telling adults they can't marry someone of the same sex any better than making people sit at the back of the bus, because of their skin color ?  I find it no less offensive than scooping up people by the thousands, branding and enslaving them because of their religion.

Love is Love.   black, white, gay, straight, Jewish, Catholic, rich, poor, fat, skinny .. who cares?

"Even if being gay were a choice - so what? People choose to be assholes and we still let them get married."

get it right, people -LOVE IS LOVE !

love is kissing boo boos better & scaring off 'under-the-bed monsters'
love is surprising your mate with breakfast at 5am, before their early shift
love is trying to make their day better, every day; no matter how bad yours was
love is just love and it's the only thing worth living for

does it really matter - as long as we stick to our own species
... unlike 2 of our favorite pets

love isn't judging another for things beyond their control
love is accepting your fellow man for who they are

in honor of the matter being brought before the supreme court today - I made some very rainbowlovetastic prints ..

here's to hoping today will become a proud day in history and not an embarrassing one for our rights as American citizens.

click here for the full-size print quality version of ^ this Love is Love ^ picture

and since I'm a facebookaholic - I made facebook covers to match
Love is Love # 1 - BUTTON LETTERS for FB cover
Love is Love # 2 - CAPS for FB cover

and the rainbowlovetastic print I made for Valentine's day :