Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's printables ..

In case the seasonal backgrounds, festive crafts, Holiday puns and annoying 'singing' in blog-form wasn't enough to convince you; I'll spell it out before your pretty little eyeballs.

Even though Valentine's Day might be considered a 'greeting card' holiday - it's a holiday nonetheless. I don't actually need an excuse to decorate; but, I use 'em anyway. ;)

So ... for the day of hearts, pink, and all things lovey dovey; I made happy little 'vignettes' throughout the living room, that were centered around my valentine's day prints.

I made a few new prints recently, but a handful of my 'lovey doveys' are from posts of Holidays past. (ha ha)Nevertheless, here's the links to each full size print-quality version.

Happy heart's day and don't forget to hug your single friends :)

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