Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love is all you need ... sorta.

There isn't a whole lot more in this world we need to survive, other than love. 

well .. I guess we do need food .. 
water ..
shelter .
chocolate ..
wi-fi ..

ok - FINE !
while there IS a long list of other things we need .. 
there ISN'T anything on Earth as awesome as love .   ;)

'to truly love and to be loved ... it's the best shit, ever.'

For my Valentine's decor, I framed a handful of prints I made; then placed 'em all around the house.  I didn't sit the prints up all by their lonesome selves.   They're hanging out with cute little friends, shiny rocks, fresh flowers and candies .. the best shit, ever. :)

I hope y'all have a super Valentine's day !

don't forget to tip your waitress and hug your single friends - they need love, too !
I have now been singing 'love is all you need' for days .. 

Hershey's kisses, love birds, and little babushka dolls - WIN WIN!

'a fireplace of love'

Some  ''just because'' flowers G. gave me a couple days ago .. I'm a lucky girl.
Hoo you lookin' at?!?
hip hip - hooray hippo of love !

rotating photo cube full of my prints

all you need is love ... and a dog. ;)
*cue music* 

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