Thursday, December 6, 2012

do what you love ...

I love this time of year .. it makes me smile.
Despite the horrible music at work .. I like the season, itself.
One of my favorite parts is each year when we choose an ornament to 'represent' that year.

If the world does end this year as millions of people are saying - I have to admit I find this ornament worthy of the title : 'last family ornament in the history of ever.'

Christmas, Merry may yours be.
Other than the Christmas music
I really do, do what I love and 
I love what I do
I don't have a dream job
but I don't have a nightmare one, either
I may work too much
and probably won't ever be rich
but I'm lucky in love
I'll take that any day of the week 
... and twice on Sunday.

I made this printable .. just because. 

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