Tuesday, January 8, 2013

.. tis the season to be stupid.

"The Doors had it wrong .. people are stupid."
This is, by far, one of my FAVORITE phrases to utter on a regular basis.

I try to be kind and forgiving, but day by day the amount of stupid stored up inside some people sends me to new levels of amazement. 

Maybe it's the cold weather or the stress of the new year; whatever the case may be - at the moment I have zero tolerance for selfish, stupid people.

People don't like to hear the truth and the real problem here, is that I don't like to censor it.

If I think you're being a jackass and screwing up your life and/or the lives of the ones you love --- I WILL say just that !!

When a real friend tells you that you need to get your shit together, it's because they love you and want to see you and yours do better.

It's 2013 and  time to rid ourselves of losers .. such a good idea. 

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