Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a frozen desert ...

If the title of this post had ONE MORE S, we'd be discussing malt chocolate milkshakes and the magical power they hold inside their delicious frozen walls of cocoa.

Unfortunately my spelling is fine and I did, in fact, mean to put desert.

I'm not a stranger to the freezing cold but I could never be mistaken for a fan of the winter, either.

Our town hadn't even seen any snow since 2010, so most of us were pretty enamored with the winter wonderland bestowed upon us right before Christmas.

In the beginning, I didn't find it completely annoying.
It was even kinda charming on Christmas day.
Now it's 2 weeks into 2013 and I'm ready for the white stuff to be gone.

I much prefer sunrays and leaves over icicles and shivers.

our driveway ... what a difference 2 months can make.
I know the 'before/after' photographs of our seasonal driveway appear backwards; but I did it on purpose.  I am looking forward ... 

In 2013 I'm trying to focus more on the positive ... so I'm at least grateful for the fun we had and the beautiful pictures I got to take; even if my fingers almost fell off in the process.

Nugget got to play in his first snow fall and the girls bought their first sled.  They stayed out until their noses were cherry-red and Nugget was shivering through his fur.

Of course we still had to force them to come in ..

After playing in the snow with new sleds and taking pictures of the kids in a sea of the dreadful pretty powder; we also wanted to get crafty.  We decided to make birdfeeders since our winters in Moab aren't usually so cold that your face feels like it's gonna freeze off.

The girls didn't want anything to do with the project, leaving G. man and I to save the world one cold bird at a time. 

We found some stuff lying around the house  and crafted together a plan for feeding our feathered friends. Creating all three 'hangers' only took an hour and cost nothing, since we had everything 'laying around.'

bird feed hanger # 1 .. milk jug
G. man cut out the side panels of a milk jug. 
Poked a hole on each side of the jug, underneath the cut outs
placing the twigs through for a perch. Then, poked 
2 holes through the top and laced the twine to hang the feeder.

bird feed hanger #2 .. spaghetti holder + a plate
We glued an old saucer to the bottom of the spaghetti holder
then, we drilled two holes through the top (for twine, to hang) 
as well as two holes through the bottom. (for seed dispensing)

The milk jug and noodle holder were the 'original' bird feeder projects.

After hanging the 'originals' outside; G. man ran into the mud room, grabbed some firewood and threw together the third bird feeder in less time than it would have taken me to get my camera back out of it's bag.    

ssooo .. needless to say - I didn't get any pictures of the 'process' for this one.

bird feed hanger # 3 .. got wood?
G. man drilled 4 holes in the corners of the firewood,
looped some twine through the holes ..  done.
 He's so cool.

The birds love the feeders and we love the birds - so it's a win-win situation!
Now, to work on gettin' rid of the damn snow ...

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