Tuesday, January 15, 2013

don't eat the multi-colored snow ...

Actually, you could totally eat the colored snow in our yard; but I wouldn't suggest it. 

I know the last post I made about the snow was kinda sorta whining about it; but we did have some fun with the white stuff.

There's always the obvious snow play : sledding, snowball fights and snow angels.

Today, we added snow paintin' to the mix .. water bottles with water + food coloring.

 You just know there's hours and hours of fun and/or mischief to be had. ;)

I even got to write my name in the snow ...
why should the boys get to have all the fun ?!?! LOL

I don't know what compelled me - but I made this printable.
the picture is from one of our camping trips this year

we all need to remember there IS good as well as BE the good

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