Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a new love ...

over the last couple weeks while stalking reading blogs, I found myself becoming increasingly jealous. One might think it was over a luxury home or creative crafts or a wicked cool blog layout ... ... it wasn't!  

I'd been seeing all these cute little vintage / retro photos and I wanted some of my own!
After a day or 4, I gave in to the bratty, screaming voice inside me and off to google I went.

I found a bunch of the images that were similar to the type I'd become recently infatuated with.  As I sifted through them I noticed a buncha them were tagged/labeled as 'instagrams.'

awesome ...
google : what's an instagram? 
apparently it's an iphone app widely known for it's retro/vintage special effects
- cue inner brat again, screaming this time about not having an ianything -

awesome ... my phone is vintage .. stupid irony.    -__-
oogle : how would a girl go about making an instagram if she has no stupid iphone?  (wording may have been different ..)

pc world answered the call !! The link showcases 5 free websites with software that will let you 'instagramize' your photos without an iphone.  Yay!

They all have completely different user interfaces and levels of complexity.  I looked through all of them &  found my favorite.
the one that I found to be the best was the very first one they featured ->  
  • easy
  • fast
  • allowed me to use my full-size pictures
  • save the pictures to your computer
  • free downloadable version for non browser usage
So .. onto the pictures ! :)
as you can see .. I got a little carried away.
I love it ! :))   thanks for reading my ranting .. carry on!

have a coffee and a coke ..

"red rocks are the coolest rocks"  according to the coolest 8 yr old I know

i heart this photo and i heart this man

a photo by the 3rd grader

sunsets are beautiful 'round these parts

i heart mountains

our 3rd grader ... she's advanced. 
(or that's an old picture ..)

i also heart cowboy country

a good sister

reflections intrigue me

the nugget

oooo aahhh flowers

lol our feet .. don't ask me

jump, nugget, jump!

objects in mirror are just as cute as they appear

desert flowers

cuppycake birthycake

more desert flowers .. pretty stuff

according to our 8 year old 'the coolest rock in the WHOLE world.'


  1. so, where is that app??

  2. hi :)
    the link is in the post, right above the beginning of the long list of pictures at the end of the post.
    the link takes you to -->> ""

    have a nice day ! :)


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