Friday, January 27, 2012

our marbled Christmas ornaments

The nail polish marbling technique turned out amazing, I adore all that is Christmas (except the music), and I'm addicted to craftin'; this was a no-brainer.

During Christmas I can't find time to tie my shoes or paint my nails; let alone keep up with journaling every day.  In other words - we did these 6 weeks ago and I never got around to posting it. :)

Also, I didn't take pictures of the process .. so we'll be using our imaginations, today & this tutorial.

Instead of the shot glasses used to marble my finger nails; we used salad bowls to dip our ornaments into the room temperature water.

if I do say so myself .. they look marbleous. ;) hehe

she dipped the bottom, then the top - so the marble went all the way around.
we used red and white polish, to emulate a candy cane

we put them on dowels to dry
she had so much fun :)

looks like a skull, right ? :) super cool ! extra point for mixing holidays !

and the family ornament for the year
we each put an acrylic finger print, that I turned into snowmen/women
can't forget the Nugget !! 

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