Friday, January 13, 2012

high heel necktie ring display + holder

when I stumbled upon the pinspiration for this craft - it appealed to me for a couple reasons. It looked simple'ish, it was cute, clever and I could have sworn I had everything I needed in a closet, somewhere ... ( famous last words ... )

Despite being five foot nothin' - I am not a high heel girl; I'd die without my flip flops & sandals. So, when I said they were 'in a closet' .. I meant I hadn't worn them for over 2 years. *shrugs* I do barbecues and bowling .. not formals and fancies.

I also knew I had ties from when I waited tables at a fancy-shmancy restaurant, years ago.

Long story short .. we ( mostly hubby) tore our closet apart and I had neither ties nor heels!!

For the life of me, I just could NOT recall throwing away all those old shoes.
I mean really .. what women throw away shoes ?!?
Apparently five foot nothin' women with 1,100 square feet, 2 kids, a puppy and no crafting room/garage/storage shed.

No biggie; I now had a legitimate reason to head down to the thrift stores :) *yay*
I don't really need an excuse - he loves thriftin' as much as I do. double *yay*

we piled into the car, down to the store, and bought the things we needed for this one craft.
and ONLY the things we needed for this one craft ....

ok .. I lied .. LoL
onto the craft ..

Supplies are regular stuff that everyone probably has lying around .. except me :)

neckties / glue guns / scissors / high heeled shoe

^ ^
To figure out which part of the tie would fill the shoe width
I draped the tie over the shoe & found the spot that 'fit' properly

( lol try not to mind the wrong ties in the pictures .. right steps - wrong ties)
^ ^
roll the tie tightly ''for practice'' first -- NO glue
make sure the width and height of the rolled tie match up with the shoe's depth and height.
meaning, make sure it doesn't stick up over the side of the shoe, after you tuck the rolled tie in

^ ^

^ ^

I then rolled the tie tightly, just like in the first step but this time
I glued a little as I went, to make sure the tie would remain tightly wound.

^ ^
I pressed the rolled, glued tie onto a bed of hot glue, inside the shoe;
ragged scissored edge facing down.
I tucked in/smushed down the sides of the rolled ties to fit ..

rinse & repeat until ...

^ tada ! ^

I decided to use a little of my newly acquired $1 lace and I was done.

on the next one I think I'll use a longer/prettier shoe
use less lace/embellishments
to accomplish thinner ties, I'll be rolling the ties around thin dowels, to see if I can get thinner tie rolls for more "rows" of rings

the tutorial and 'pinspiration' as linked before @ law student's journey
if you have a second, pay a visit - it's quite the cute and crafty blog *yay*

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