Monday, January 23, 2012

words that stick out .. 2 ways

For the third time that week I found myself in the Volvo, rumbling aimlessly down the highway. Of course, by aimlessly - I mean I was headed towards my thrift store.

Friends of mine ''work" at my 2 favoritestest stores, so I can always stroll in dawning slippers and pajama pants; no fear of judgment for my thrifting addiction & fashion backward looks. :)
I may or may not be jealous of their jobs and make a little bratty face when I say ''work'' ..

Today, though .. this thrift store visit; it was going to be different.
Not different as in 'actual shoes instead of my fuzzy slippers different'...nuhuh.

I was hellbent on locating those damn scrabble pieces for some fun craftsies ...

Clearly, the powers that be are aware of my 'not messing around' face ..

The thrift Gods were smiling down on me & I found a "3D rsvp edition" instead of flat scrabble ..

I cringed a little bit later, after finding out it was the 1966 version. But forgave myself by reminding myself that the craft Gods approve of merging vintage with modern.

ok .. onto the craft


1. frame
2. fabric
3. scrabble word jumble
4. glue gun
5. mod podge

I removed the glass and 1970's era flower picture from one of my many picture frames.
Then, I painted it black.
My kind, helpful husband painted it black.

I hot glued the fabric to the picture back, ensuring that the fabric would stay still, while I mod podge'd it into place. (my 1st mod podge .. exciting!)

I slathered the picture's board back with mod podge & placed the fabric down onto the board. I smoothed over the surface with my ever-expensive mod podge smoothing tool ... my ruler. ;)

After I smoothed the fabric down - I slathered more modpodge onto the top of the fabric, too. I did that, because I didn't want the fabric to start to 'sag' under the weight of all the pieces.
I set it aside to dry and moved onto the next steps.

When I purchased the game, I spent the whopping $3 on it; unbeknownst what words could be made of the letters left behind following 4 decades of play.

So, before I even started the painting or the mod podging or gluing of anything .. I built my 'crossword.'

I started with Happiest + Family and worked from there ...

I went out on a 300 penny limb and it worked out.

I hotglued my words together - one letter and word at a time. I used the corner of the game's box in an attempt to keep the letters straight.

I glued single words to start, then glued a few words together into word chunks.

After I had all the 'word chunks' together .. I glued it as a whole.

Once they were securely glued into a 'crossword puzzle' pattern - I hot glued the entire thing onto the center of the fabric and hung it .. voila - gorgeous family scrabble art- just in time for Valentine's day :)

I wonder what words you would use for your family ...

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