Monday, January 2, 2012

paint + barn animals = always fun

I'm not ashamed to admit that many of our crafty times come to us from 'the walmart.'

We live almost 2 hours from the city and/or any of their locations. Even though it's always a hassle-filled road trip to go to 'the walmart' - I try to stock up like crazy.

case in point .. our Turkey day trip to the city yielded these goodies :

I wanted more - but we needed the trunk room for kids' Christmas presents or something or other ...

... I digress !!

Even way back when the high schooler was an elementary schooler; we loved setting aside a night to paint cute little ceramic figurines from the walmart arts-n-crafts aisle.

almost 10 years worth of these cute little buggers occupy at least 3 shelves throughout our house. It's fun to see the progression of the kids' painting through the years/figurines.

this time .. it was farm animals .. yay !

As usual, the most comfortable spot in the house is the coffee table .. so we wrapped it in newspaper, got our paper plate pallets and went to town.

the final product ...

'moo I'm a fish.'
I painted the cow & the barn -- (perfect circles : a pencil eraser dipped into paint)The teenager painted the horse and embellished it with symbols of the chinese calendar in sharpie. My husband painted the awesome chicken and the 3rd grader painted her piggy .. complete with splotches of the famous Moab red dirt & all. :)

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