Tuesday, January 17, 2012

our photo gallery wall

As soon as my hands were big enough to 'wind up the camera' - I've had a little more than a slight obsession with pictures. Not the type of obsession that includes being IN the pictures .. not at all. *shakes head adamantly*

In fact, I'm usually 'that girl' who holds her hand up to block the well-meaning person from taking her picture. It's not that I'm completely hideous; I've just got an uncanny knack for making some strange, constipated face when the camera snaps.
Nobody needs to see that .. so I hide. ;)

As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted by my rantin' and ravin' off topic - I love taking all kinds of pictures. I used to be a huge fan of objects in nature, but since becoming a mom .. there's not a lot of 'still life' around these parts. ;)

I won't lie; there has been a time or two that I've wondered if I 'did that' for the experience .. or the photo opp ... but that's neither here nor there. :)

Back to the wall !
You'd be hard pressed to find a flat surface in our home without one of our goofy faces plastered onto it. 'Pinspired' by the 9322384 picture walls I've seen - I decided it was time to create one of these 'collage walls' for our shabby little shack.

The first step in this entire process spanned almost 2 weeks. >_<
That 'wait time' had 3 totally legitimate reasons
  • I'm a thrift store addict
  • I'm forgetful
  • I live in a tiny town
I emphatically refuse to pay $7-$10 for a new frame, when I can snag one for $0.50 at my favorite thrift store. I tried to remember to visit daily to check the stock .. but with everything else going on in life; I forgot at least 3 or 4 times. Sometimes even after missing a few days of checking the stock - I'd still see nothing new added to the 'collection.'

Even though I'm painfully reminded how itty-bitty my town is, every time I'm trying to make something crafty .. I craft on !

After I managed to procure 20+ (4x6 & 5x7) frames - I had to figure out how I wanted to arrange them on the wall.

To avoid making and remaking holes all over my walls - I adapted this brilliant tip to fit what I had on-hand.

supplies :

box with sides cut open to lay flat
pictures + frames
post-it notes

^^ "Hi, Nugget!"

<-- kitty couldn't let Nugget have all the fun ...

we laid out the large cardboard 'canvas' and it was time to decide on a 'layout.' This took a while too .. because I'm kind of obsessive compulsive about achieving 'my vision .."

Once I started over a few times had the layout exactly as I wanted, we named and labeled each frame with a post-it note.

As usual - I enlisted the help of my wonderful, amazing, patient husband. *grateful face .. many times, over*

He marked the 'hang spots' for the nails onto the cardboard. Then he drew a rectangle for each frame onto the cardboard as a reference for a vertical/horizontal hanging.

Time for fun .. puncturing the drywall .. WOOHOO!
We taped up the cardboard and G. hammered in the new holes, then took the cardboard back down.
We both stepped back and looked at the wall quietly for 45 seconds.
I was the first to break the silence as I let out a half irritated/half entertained sigh.

There was a ton of holes where they shouldn't be. LoL
It was from many shelves / photos / trinkets that had previously lined this wall.

We tore off little pieces of those post-it notes to 'label' the pre-existing holes, to be filled.

After we filled in those billion tiny holes, we hung up our frames and personalized initials to see what it would look like when it was done. Let me say, I was very excited for what I was seeing; despite the crooked hanging and lack of photos ...

The most time consuming step in this process was choosing the pictures ... ..

'back in the day' that probably wouldn't have been a problem.

But in this day and age of digital cameras; we take pictures of anything that even remotely catches our attention.

My point ... sorting through over a decade of photographs is a daunting challenge.
LOL - who am I kidding ? It was challenging to just go over 2011. We tend to photograph everything and throw away nothing. *insert shrug, here*

and the final look is something I'm soooo pleased with :

It makes me wonder what other people are doing with their walls, because of things they find on Pinterest ...

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