Friday, November 11, 2011

Marbled Nails

On the surface, painting your nails a different color every other day and taking 45 minutes of your precious time, just to make sure they're pretty, might seem a little shallow.

Be that as it may ... I'm guilty of these crimes of superficiality.

In my defense, until the age of 32 I was a chronic chewer of my stubby, little fingers. In high school I had a lot of nerve issues and more than once had gnawed away until they were almost bloody ... ew. Sorry - I digress !

Around any holiday, I use it as an excuse to dress up my nails (and my puppy) festively ...

"Hi, Nugget!"
So, of course when I found this link - I had to figure out how to try it. Being the visual person I am, I searched on YouTube for an instructional video and got this really good one .. good once you get past the plinky plunky music. :)

Fast forward to my first try ..

I decided to put my shot glass collection to use, for once. I don't drink more than once every year or so, so it's nice to actually use them for something.

Now ... there was a warning somewhere about it being 'a little messy' lol

Now, I know those pictures look something awful - but, once you remove the pieces of scotch tape around your finger nail and clean up the random bits of polish ... ta dahhh :) pretty cool nails.

I will be doing this, again :)

edit : I DID do this, again :)

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