Wednesday, November 9, 2011

bring on the baby ...

Be it miracles or tragedies - life seems to hand these out in bunches. I consider myself very lucky to see more miracles than tragedies. Point in case : I have 5 girlfriends, all ready to pop & spew forth a human from their loins. awwww-babies!!!

One day at work, while jabbering away about the weekend - I mentioned the baby shower of a friend that had taken place. My good friend and co-worker, who I had watched grow from day 1 to month 8, mentioned that she was not having a baby shower for this little one. The first thought that went through my little head was that 'no baby should have to enter this cruel, cold world without first having a party all in their honor!

Before I knew what was coming outta my big mouth - I was throwing a baby shower. :)

As much as I love computers, graphics, and playing with paintshop - I'm not all that good at 'drawing' on a computer. I couldn't create the invites I really wanted in the time frame I had; so I found a really cute website. She picked one that she liked and I 'adapted*' it with her info and ultra sound pictures.

This is how it turned out ..

*by adapted, I mean I probably
broke some sort of rule by not actually buying them ...
so, I don't suggest anyone else do it*

The invites were the easy part ...

After finding games & activities that matched Katie's personality, it was time to figure out decor - that was the hard stuff !! *wipes sweat from brow*

I needed something that was a way of saying "thank you for coming and here's a cute thingamajiggy to take home."   Thank the Gods of the internet for Pinterest, where I found this adorable idea for baby booties ... I ran with it.

My make-shift craft area - (a.k.a. my dining table) which morphed into something beastly night after night ..

I used the lace, ribbons, and buttons I had in my scrapbooking supplies. After countless fingertip glue gun burns and unbelievable frustration at dollar store Styrofoam cups breaking - the booties were done.

I don't usually pat myself on the back .. but I totally did this time.
*insert beaming, proud face - here*

Now it was time for decorations to adorably 'take up space.'
I liked the idea of the clothesline. So, I headed to the local thrift store and found 3 girly pajama sets.
I also added newborn diapers with "baby girl" painted on them, to the mix.
I then hung it all onto some twine with old fashioned clothes pins.

I got really excited when I saw this idea for hanging balloons. I especially loved the idea, because it would save me money on helium for the mass amount of balloons I wanted. It was simple - we blew up and tied off the balloons with ribbon, curled it -then pinned them to the ceiling.

The website suggested placing a marble/penny in the balloon to 'hold 'em down' while they hang .. but I liked the way they would move with the air flow / movement of the room; so I left them empty.

Instead of expensive real flowers, we decided to make some of these super-cute tissue paper flowers. I was thankful because they didn't need to be perfect. Even if you cut or folded it funny, you could fluff and rearrange the petals into something that works; which was good for kids (and me).

Instead of using flower wire for the stems, like they did on the website, we attached the tissue paper to pipe cleaners. We then took diapers and rolled them around a pencil, wrapped a rubber band around the middle of the diaper & pulled the pencil out. We then took pre-cut strips of scrapbook paper with a dab of 2 way tape & secured the middle of the diaper. We stuffed the pipe cleaner stems down into the hole and voila -- tissue flower holders :)

I saw a bunch of ideas involving diapers - like diaper cakes and diaper castles, but I decided these flower stands were a way to incorporate the diapers in a unique as well as useful way.

On the subject of diaper cakes and castles -I 'merged' a few more crafty ideas, to fill the needs of the party. I grabbed 3 circular things laying around my house ...

(this is our giant serving tray, large tupperware lid, and a dollar store holiday tin)

I then wrapped the above items in aluminum foil, stacked them back up, and voila - our happy little cupcake castle.

I baked those bad-boys, but 100% of the credit for decorating goes to my super awesome, amazing husband, Gary. I showed him a couple different ideas of what I wanted and boy did he deliver, or what?!?!

I saved my favorite decoration for last - the blessing tree. I've seen these all over the internet and I just knew I had to make one. It's a tender way to get everyone in the party involved and send something home with mom, that they can cherish forever.

It's a very simple idea; you display branches in a vase. You then provide cards for guests to write and hang a message of love, hope, prayer, etc.

It ends up a very sweet thing for mom to read at home and a beautiful and interactive piece of the party.

We gathered branches from the neighborhood and put rocks in the bottom of the vase for weight. The cards were just folded up bits of scrap pretty card-stock attached to the party ribbon. I also printed one 8x10 of the invitation and placed it inside a frame, for mom to keep.

I found a bunch of fun games on this website and we had a blast. We played guess mommy's tummy size, list the baby items, memory with a twist, and pin the sperm on the ovary ... LoL.

It was a lot of fun involving the family and it went smoothly. The planning and preparation was relatively easy and so in-expensive to do .. I could almost say I would throw another baby shower. ... almost. lol

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