Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All Hallow's Eve craftin'

After long discussions, contemplation & pinterest searching ... we had all decided on our All Hallow's Eve crafts.

As with most of our family projects - a pet was nearby.
Sitting, watching, curious as to what it was the crazy humans were up to, again.

"Hi Nugget!"

The girls both decided for their first project that they would carve out their pumpkins - making jack-o-lanterns. The teenager chose a pattern from one of those 'carve an awesome Halloween pumpkin' books.
The teen went with a Headless Horseman and she did a really nice job -

Our 8 yr old was a little simpler with her design, but it is NO LESS fantabulous. Before we know it, she'll be carving and juggling pumpkins like a pro .. so I like her sweet, simple kitty cat.

She traced an outline of her kitty face onto her pumpkin and then her dad used a drill to open the tiny holes along the pattern. She used a tiny mallet to tap in her 'jewels' - we set in a faux candle & voila - kitty pumpkin 2011 :)

The next night of crafting, we decided to decorate some more pumpkin/squash. But this time, without taking out their innards. We spared their guts in order to be able to keep them around for a while after the 'big day.' Considering we waited until 5 days before Halloween to carve .. that was a good idea.
"Hi, Nugget!"

We painted a couple of the vegetable fellas; while others got pom-poms, pipe cleaners, ribbons and eyes attached. Our teenager decided to paint a popsicle stick haunted house, instead of painting her own pumpkin. It made a nice contrast against the 'hall of pumpkins.'

After the gourd festivities - the girls managed to create a couple cute, paper crafts.
They both went with pumpkins .. just of differing natures.

and of course .. 'the big day'

'til next time - from your friendly neighborhood monster, zombie, cheetah and sorceress .. Happy Crafting!

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