Monday, November 21, 2011

a thankful door hanger .. that once was.

The 'pinspiration' for this idea was originally from Parents Magazine.

I decided to make one of these on my own, after the kids had gone to bed. It was relatively simple to make. Cardstock, a holepunch, glue sticks, post-it pad, a pencil and that wiry hay looking stuff. I have no idea what that stuff is called; but I found of it some in my 'save this stuff for later' craft box.

I cut out 2 large pieces of cardstock into the same rounded rectangle shape and taped them together. Then, I found a cup that fit generously over the door handle and traced the circle onto the cardstock hanger template. I cut out the circle and taped the edges of the paper on the inside of the circle back together.

I glue-sticked the container of holepunch bits onto the hanger. My husband pointed out that 'corn is more linear.' I made a mental note, for the next time I'm trying to emulate corn. :)

I attached the pencil with twine and hung it by the front door. Everyone got a chance to list out a few different things they were thankful for, before the inevitable happened.

Our very own adorable Nugget got ahold of it and taught it a lesson, while we were all at work & school, one day.

It was really cute to read the messages we all left, while it lasted.

I just took it as a sign that I shouldn't craft alone ;)

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