Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Imagine ... 2014

life gets away from us faster than a 3 yr old outrunning bath time
the never-ending battle of what to make for dinner
soccer practice
family game night
cats and dogs and neighborhood kids begging for just a little attention

the years are going to fly right by whether we like it or not .. 
but we'll really miss out on a lot if we're not careful

after a few weeks of finding myself focusing more on my struggles than my blessings
I stumbled across 'the original "imagine.."' video a week ago

I forgot how much I adored the half-minute love montage
but - watching the video from 10 years ago made me want a new one

sifting through a decade and a half of family photos worked wonders for my soul
memories smiling back at me
happy times
silly faces
road trips
tiny babies turning into teenagers

it reminded me that 
the good outweighs the bad 1,000 to 1 any day of the week and twice on Sunday ...

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