Tuesday, August 20, 2013

happy campers .. sore backs.

I love camping and that's weird.
  • weird because when the A/C is above 73 I feel like my face is gonna melt off
  • I use my 'devices' A REALLY LOT(read: too much)
  • my back hurts .. EVER time
  • I wanna punch Mother Nature in the throat whenever I see a creepy, crawly bug anywhere near me. 

Despite what should be my predetermined disposition .. I love camping.

  • we hike in the mountains ..
  • we watch the sunset ..
  • we sit around the campfire ..
  • we play games ..
  • we laugh about the windstorm that blew everything over while we were hiking in the mountains to watch the sunset. :)  
We live 10 minutes from a dozen different awesome places to camp.

I love that they come with ""semi-private"" bathrooms :)

The usual routine while the teenager and G. man set up the tent and provisions for a couple days.  I walk around snapping pictures and the 10 year old explores the area.

In the top left corner of the picture above is her pointing out different animal foot/tail trails in the sand .. one of her favorite things to do, ever.
In the bottom left .. child labor - look away.

^^^  A picture of her                 taking this picture.   ^^

one more picture of the dog following her around, while she explores

my four favorite shadows in all the world ....

and finally - my favorite hand to hold - in all the world.

go spend a night under the stars .. it's good for the soul.

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