Saturday, April 13, 2013

the Easter pretties

 super cute chicks and fluffy, little bunnies
toys and chocolate as far as you can see
family time and a hunt for colorful eggs .. 

who doesn't LOVE Easter!?!?!?

fine fine fine!
I KNOW the answer
"billions of people all over the world who aren't Christian"
fine !
I guess all that matters today is we do !!

I totally adore these shiny, happy bunnies !! 

they're too cute for words
 I waited until they were on "Easter's Over" clearance :)
I might adore 75% off even more than shiny, happy bunnies.

I had planned on 'cropping' this picture to be square around the bunnies;
but Senor Owl's photo bomb made me I kept him. :)

 and of course .. I made Easter Subway art ..

I love this squirrel - what a steal for $0.25 at Wabi Sabi :)
click for the high-quality printable version of my Easter subway art

I found this 'grumpy' bunny online and used him for a funny print,
I couldn't help but laugh, every time I saw it ..
click here for the high-quality printable version of my "Those are MY eggs!" print

this little bunny is a secret treasure hidden inside the tiny egg above, that looks like it's made of icing. <3

I love the paper mache bunny on the right - I scored 3 for $2 each .. also @ WabiSabi.

So, I hope everyone's Easter was as fun and sugar-filled as ours was.
Every year we try to buy less candy than the year before, but I'm pretty sure I fail repeatedly.

I am also very aware that Easter isn't supposed to be about plastic eggs full of candy & money hidden through the house plus baskets full of toys and stuffed bunnies .. but pictures of Church and posts about His resurrection just don't fit into my 'happy-go-lucky' style of blogging.
Deal with it!

I know I'm late, but Happy Easter y'all !! :) 

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