Sunday, April 21, 2013

sticker nails and cracker chips .. yay.

I don't often do it .. but I did.
I stepped outside my box.
I tried TWO new things this week.

yes, I want a medal AND a cookie for that - thank you.

In an effort to continue to shrink my size without effort .. (make sense?)
I tried some Ritz Cracker chips.

effort without effort just means I don't actually excercise
because that means I have to sweat and that's gross.

definition : all I did was cut down how much soda I drink on a regular basis, drink more water, and buy the occasional low-fat item.  lol like sour cream and 2% milk instead of whole milk, chips that aren't chips, etc.  BABY STEPS !!

Anyway - I tried these and they were YUM !!

I also tried these 'sticker nail' things .. omg they are AWESOME !!

Not only did they stay on all week, including working EVERY day; but they protected my nails from chips and dings. YAY !!

so - 2 steps outside the box - 2 thumbs up.

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