Wednesday, December 14, 2011

shmelty melty crayola fun

One of the very first things that made me screech with excitement while Pinteresting; was all the melted crayon art. When I called over and showed my tiny humans the examples .. there was a squeal of equal or greater excitement. :)

An attractive feature of this craft was the simplicity. Don't get me wrong - I'm down for a challenge; but I'm one who also enjoys the easy peasy stuff from time to time, too.

If you skim through this video it'll be simple.

cool picture of the night award goes to ^__^
The first thing we did was paint our canvases with dark acrylic. White just seemed like such a boring background for the fun color project. The little one and I went with black - while the hubby chose a dark purple.

After we let it dry, we figured out the arrangement we wanted our crayons to be, on the canvas. LoL 'let it dry' sounds so patient ... we totally used my hair dryer. ;)

Once they were dry and the kitty sufficiently out of the way .. it was time to hot glue the colorful bad boys onto the canvas. tip # 1 - glue the canvas, then place the crayon onto your glue line. The first few I glued by grabbing the crayon and turning it around to be gluing the side I didn't want to see, then lined it up on the canvas. It's just ridiculously more time efficient to just glue the canvas and plop the crayon down on top of it.

After we had the color sticks glued on as desired - it was time for some meltin' ! tip # 2 - be sure to tape up some sort of 'splash protector.' I cut off the bottom + a slit up the side of a garbage bag, then taped it to the wall behind the 'melting station.'

tip # 3 - wherever it is that you want the 'longest' streaks - that's where you want to start your 'warming pattern.' You do this, because the streaks get longer; the more you heat the project.

I can't wait to get really creative with this crayon shmelty business, next time !!
But for our first try ... not too shabby, if I do say so myself :))

I was pleased as punch to see the reason the teenager didn't want to make one had nothing to do with the television, a good chapter, texting friends, or any of that stuff. It was only because she wanted to use the time to make her friends' Christmas cards. She gets a pass :)


  1. It's always fun to find something new to do with crayons - such brilliant colors. Your shmeltys are beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Did you check out yesterday's entry about my egg Christmas ornaments?

    Pat MacKenzie @ Pat's Ramblings

  2. thanks !! I did and they're wonderful ! :)


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